Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Decisions ...

Hogwood, 19 June 2012

Feeling a little under the weather this morning, I decided to stay close to home and visit Hogwood in West Sussex in the hope of an early Silver-washed Fritillary or White Admiral. Despite ideal weather conditions my two targets would appear to have not yet emerged, at least not in Hogwood, or they were doing a very good job of keeping a low profile.

What did catch my eye were the Large Skippers, the males launching attacks against anything coming in close proximity. A rather nice female in particular caught my eye, and being far less active than the testosterone fuelled males, provided several photographic opportunities. This was the first time I've seriously tried to photograph Large Skippers and I have to say I found it quite difficult to get a shot that was different from the normal images one sees of this species, and more importantly, one that I was happy with. At one point the female was joined by a male showing more than a passing interest. Having watched them for a good 15 minutes I was optimistic of a pairing, though this sadly didn't happen as a passing male broke up the party.

I'll certainly give them a go again but I'd of preferred to have found my targets.

My favourite shot below ...

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