Sunday, 25 November 2012

Nothing ventured nothing gained …

West Sussex, 8 April 2012

Under a cloud-covered sky and with light rain falling I arrived at the location of dreams, the ground covered with primrose, wood anemone and cuckoo flower; the small brook singing gently nearby. To be fair I wasn’t expecting to see much, if anything, though sitting at home would have certainly produced nothing. Walking through the small hanger the sun started to push through the cloud, though was quickly masked by the darkening sky. I mentioned to my son just how hard it can be to spot an Orange Tip at rest, particularly if you haven’t seen it land. I must try saying that again, as after just several footsteps I spotted a single male roosting on the ripening buds of its delicate and beautiful food plant.

Heading back to my car I found another, perched in similar fashion and offering further photo opportunities.

The sun emerged once more then dissapeared …

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