Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Big game ...

Iping Common, 17 June 2013

There are five species of Tiger Beetle in Britain: Cicindela campestrisCicindela hybridaCicindela maritima, Cicindela sylvatica and Cylindera germanicaOf these, the Heath Tiger Beetle (Cicindela sylvatica) and the Cliff Tiger Beetle (Cylindera germanica) are both UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP) species; meaning they are species of conservation concern and action is being taken to protect and conserve them and their habitats. Two species have been recorded in Sussex. These include Cicindela campestris and Cicindela sylvatica.

The commonest, and possibly the most attractive of the British species, is the beautiful Cicindela campestris, the Common or Green Tiger Beetle. C. campestris is a fast, long-legged, agile predator that is easily recognized due to its iridescent green and purple colouring, along with its distinctive yellowish spots on the elytra. The adults, which can be seen from April to September on dry heaths and other sandy places, fly and run actively in the sunshine.

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