Friday, 3 April 2015

Signs of spring ...

Linnet (Carduelis cannabina)

The Linnet C. cannabina is a small, lively bird, of warm downland, heathland, rough grassland and suitable areas of farmland; requiring places where it can forage safely on the ground, often in flocks, for seeds.

Breeding Linnets are widespread in Sussex and are locally common in their favoured haunts; it is even recorded as a garden bird in a few rural locations. Ashdown Forest and the northwest heathlands are especially favoured, as are coastal areas with gorse, scrub and where farming practices are accommodating to their needs. In full summer plumage the males are attractively marked with crimson foreheads and breasts, the females are much browner. Spring plumaged birds are pictured.

A delicate bird with a song once heard not forgotten …


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  1. Linnets like the car park at work here, early morning they sit on the chicken wire fence and sing!

  2. Always a pleasure to see, Simon.