Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sensu stricto …

Peziza varia s.str.

I have recently made several visits to Warnham, West Sussex, searching for fungi and slime moulds. I have a particular fascination with cup fungi and, during a recent session, I photographed a representative sample of the ascocarps that were present on a fallen and well-rotted hardwood tree; possibly sycamore. Many of the brown cup fungi are especially difficult to identify with certainty macroscopically. I therefore collected a sample for Nick Aplin, the county recorder for ascomycetes, for his opinion. Nick has confirmed that they match the current concept of Peziza varia (Pezizales: Pezizaceae) because of the size of the spores and their slightly roughened appearance. The specimens can therefore be determined as Peziza varia s.str., the Layered Cup.

My thanks to Nick for his time and opinion and for the above photomicrographs.


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