Sunday, 16 April 2017

First orchid of spring …

Early-purple Orchid (Orchis mascula)

Widespread throughout the British Isles, especially in the southern half of England, the beautiful O. mascula is one of the first flowering orchids to appear in the spring. It grows in a wide variety of habitats on neutral or calcareous soils, flourishing in particular in broadleaved woodland and coppices. It can also be found on calcareous grassland, limestone pavement, road verges and beside damp flushes on coastal cliffs. Specimens with unspotted leaves and a white-flowered variety also occur.


Lang, D., 2004. Britain’s Orchids. Old Basing, Hampshire: WILDGuides Ltd., pp. 130-131.


  1. you been caught,,,,, and now have OCD (Orchid Compulsive Disorder)

    oh and it's not ever been explained that sometimes EPOs var. alba do have spotted leaves and slight spotting in the flower, like in this group, where some do and some don't

  2. Was looking for bee orchids in the local nature reserve - no joy!