Friday, 7 April 2017

Night fever …

Snowy Disco (Lachnum virgineum)

L. virgineum is a tiny spring and summer fruiting disco with a rather gorgeous hairy margin. The fruiting body is extremely small and hardly reaches 1mm in diameter. The full colony pictured above measured just 2cm end to end. I have to be honest and admit, I thought I was looking at something a bird had left behind until I took a closer look … and I’m really glad I did. It is a widespread and common species but probably overlooked due to its size.

My thanks to Nick Aplin for confirming the identification and for also spotting the two Polydesima pruinosa (Helotiales: Hyaloscyphaceae) apothecia towards the top left of the first image.


Sterry, P. and Hughes. B. (2009). Collins Complete Guide to British Mushrooms and Toadstools. London: HarperCollins, p. 316, fig. p. 317.

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