Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Little brown jobs …

Cortinarius pratensis

There are just fourteen records for Cortinarius pratensis currently listed on the FRDBI database [February, 2018]. The above specimens were located in a West Sussex sand dune system during a detailed search of the area in December 2017. My thanks to Nick Aplin of the Sussex Fungus Group for confirming their identification. It’s a fairly nondescript brown toadstool but certainly one to look out for if you enjoy little brown jobs …


Edwards, A. and Leech, T. (2017). Evidence for an interesting association between Cortinarius pratensis (Section Dermocybe) and Sand Sedge, Carex arenaria. Field Mycology, 18(3), pp. 78-81.


  1. 2 months of waiting anxiously for an update and all you give is LBJs, jeez lol ,,,, fantastic images as usual Mark ;-)

  2. Yes sorry about that. To be fair I wasn't even going to post the pictures because I found them so boring. It was only the rarity value that made me post them !!! :)